Meet This School boy of 16 who rejected 42 Crore offer for a website


This 16 years old had rejected an offer of 42 Cr. for a website which he had build from his bedroom. At this age the kids are generally attracted towards Social networking sites. But, This kid is different and what he did is something unusual.

His name is Mohammed Ali based in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. He designed a price comparison website from his bedroom called and was offered a whopping 42 crores for the site just before Christmas. He is so confident about the future of the site that he has rejected the offer.

We met the investors in London, they were a global data driven company, and they didn’t realise I created all the technology involved‘, The kid said while speaking to Metro.


The teenager believes that the site going to be a household name in the near future. It’s not the 1st time he won reward, previously his game project earned him a £30,000 reward!.

He understood the risk that he have taken by rejecting money from the American investors and he want to make the website a household name.

Ali claims that the website has completely newly developed algorithm that provides ‘real time quotes instead of the normal pre-fixed quotes you find on insurance sites.’

‘The big thing about what we’re doing is that there are no competitors – this is a real time money saving expert – it’s like a Bloomberg for the general public.’

The genius boy said Metro reported.

His website, that Ali co-created with his 60-year-old business partner, Chris Thorpe, will launch on January 28, acoording to Indiatimes.