Barack and Michelle Obama arrived in the British Virgin Islands on Richard Branson’s private jet

Barack and Michelle Obama touched down in British Virgin Islands on Monday on Richard Branson’s Private jet.

Just with in three days after flying to Palm Springs from Washington D.C. the Obama family is jetting off to British Virgin Islands business tycoon Richard Branson’s private jet.


The Obama couple was accompanied by their two daughters Sasha and Malia. The crappy weather may have made Obamas to take this decision to visit British Virgin Island to relax after years of Presidency and enjoy some sunshine. The weather in British Virgin Island is much better than Plam Springs.

Throughout the campaign British Billionaire Richard Branson campaign against Trump. The British Billionaire is the current owner of British Virgin Island.  He used to live in this island.

Branson’s private island of Necker is part of the Caribbean archipelago. Necker island or British Virgin Island comprises 74 acres on the Caribbean, surrounded by coral reefs and white sandy beaches.

Branson is a long term supporter of the President and he is very vocal about his support to ObamaCare.
Branson with ObamaRichardBranson/Instagram

Just 2 days ago Richard Branson posted this picture with the former president. Branson is involved in slew of social initiatives, one of which is climate change. President Obama is also a supporter of that.

The private jet, is a  French made Falcon 900EX , long range, ultra luxury corporate jet, called Galactic Girl.