Stunning pictures of your favourite celebrities when they are off camera.

At 2016 Toronto Film Festival renowned celebrity photographer Andrew H. Walker decided to click celebrity photos differently.

Valorie Curry

“I was really curious with actors because they have, not only this personal inside voice, but they have a public persona that they put out there, and they also have their private self,” Walker tells Mashable.  “There’s this whole other layer of themselves as people. I found that really, really intriguing.”

A piece of tape was placed on the table and his high profiled celebrities list including several Golden Globe nominees, were told to pose on either side of it as their “public” and their “private” selves.

High profile celebrities are generally protective of their image. But Walker was surprised that most of the celebs were ready to pose according to his plan.

Cynthia Nixon

Amy Adams

Teresa Palmer

Gemma Arterton

Elisabeth Moss

Anne Hathaway

Dakota Fanning

Fisher Stevens

Aaron Eckhart

Ewan McGregor






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