Shocking incident happen when A DWARF bullfighter was knocked to the ground by a raging bull and MOUNTS on her

A female bullfighter was MOUNTED by the young Beast weighing around 100-stone in the middle of the fight.

A shocking video has emerged on video site Youtube when a young bull mounts on the dwarf female bullfighter in Spain.

The young bull charges at the woman and trips her up. As she falls to the ground and the bull instantly mounts her from behind and begins thrusting, visibly aroused by the presence of the woman bull fighter.

The crowd Shrieked during this horror incident which can be heard in the video, before two people rush to help the woman.

One manages to forcibly drag the bull away while another helps the bullfighter to her feet and get her out of the ring.

However, it is not clear whether the woman bullfighter sustained any injury or not in that incident. We hope both of them are Ok.






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