Reservation in aviation too. First time in the world by AirIndia

Indian flag carrier AirIndia, has come out with reservation of seat for its women passengers. This is the first time in the world an aviation company come out with such initiative.  This move has raises the question of gender inequality.

Six seats on every domestic flight will be reserved for women from January 18, ANI said.

As per the reservation guidelines, the 3rd row of every flight ( 3 seats on the left and 3 seats on the right) would now be reserved for all women passengers who are travelling alone.

Seat reservation for elderly, pregnant or those women travelling with newborn kids could still have made some sense if Air India was actually concerned towards providing comfort to women. But blocking two rows — six seats — for women of all age defy logic — something no feminist would ever support. This is perhaps the first time in the world that seats will be reserved only for women passengers on planes. However, other modes of transport in India, including local and long-distance trains, metros and buses have reserved berths, seats or coaches for women. One justification for the decision, Air India can provide is to prevent sexual harassment of women flyers. However, it wants to reserve seats only in the economy class. What about those women who fly in the business class?

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The move comes after a recent on-board incident when a flyer reportedly groped a woman co-passenger on Air India’s Mumbai-Newark flight. During the flight, a business class passenger changed his seat to sit next to a female passenger in the economy class and allegedly groped her when she fell asleep.  The man was handed over to the US police later. Would the man have not done the same if he had found a woman in the business class? Or, does Air India thinks that women don’t travel alone in business class?

Men who tend to sexually abuse women are perverts and they always find ways to indulge in their dirty acts. Avoiding such men is not the best option, confronting them, may be teaching them a lesson can help reduce sexual abuse incidents. 






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