This Fish with it’s movement can control Robotic Fish Tank and can decide where to go

Now, even a fish can go where it wants by using this Robotic fish tank.

At Build18, annual engineering festival organized by Carnegie Mellon University, a group of friends invented this Robotic Fish Tank. The fish can change the direction of the robot by changing it’s position relative to the middle of the tank. By this way the tiny creature can exercise some control.

The guys say they built the robot in three days, and are planning to make an improved version with higher grade materials provided by Intel.

Fish controlling robot, how far the technology can take us?

More knowledge

This gold fish in the tank is not an ordinary fish but, this fish is controlling the robotic fish tank.


As the fish changes it’s position inside the tank, the the speed and the direction of the tank also changes relative to the middle of the tank.




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