Plants too emits light these beautiful photos captured it brilliantly

The lights emitted by the plants are captured in these photos brilliantly. 

We all know that plants reflect light, Leaves reflect green, and flowers reflect red, or yellow, or whatever color it has. The color which you see in the pictures are all real. The pictures may be looking like as if they are form alien planet. The plant are fluoresce, they reflect ultraviolet light. Photographer Craig Burrow used this nature’s trick to click these colorful beautiful photographs.

UV light emitting photos 10Craig Burrow

To capture that nature’s glow he used a technique called ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence photography. He had discovered this photography technique online three years ago wired reported.

He worked long hours with Photoshop, to adjusting white balance, contrast, noise and sharpness, and remove dust. It’s tedious and time consuming process. The results of that hard work is truly remarkable.

Here are some of the works:

UV light emitting photosCraig Burrow

UV light emitting photos 8 Craig Burrow

UV light emitting photos 6 Craig Burrow

UV light emitting photos 5 Craig Burrow

UV light emitting photos 4 Craig Burrow

UV light emitting photos 3 Craig Burrow

UV light emitting photos 2 Craig Burrow

UV light emitting photos 1Craig Burrow

UV light emitting photos 222 Craig Burrow

UV light emitting photos 11Craig Burrow





15+ Stunningly Beautiful Wedding photos

The wedding photography contest organised by International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) four times a year, just released the full list of first-place winners from 2016. This contest is organised only among it’s members.

The society chooses winners for 20 different categories each time, from “Wedding Details” to “Humor,” resulting in 80 first-place winners.

The results are completely stunning.

Wedding Photo IFernando Lutterbach | Lutterbach Fotografia Autoral |

Wedding Photo iiVinci Wang | Vinci Wang Photography |

wedding photo iiiAndrea Cittadini | Andrea Cittadini Photography |

weddingKathryn Krueger | Kathryn Krueger Photography |

Wedding photo vKathryn Krueger | Kathryn Krueger Photography |

wedding photoKathryn Krueger | Kathryn Krueger Photography |

Wedding photo viLuther Hartog | Luther Fotografie |

Wedding 9Lanny Mann | Two Mann Studios |

wedding 9Lanny Mann | Two Mann Studios |

wedding 10Marian Sterea | Marian Sterea |

wedding 11Irina Skripnik | Irina Skripnik |

wedding cb.b.Daniel Moyer | Daniel Moyer Photography |

cafa liu | cafaphoto |

Nunzio Bruno | Nunzio Bruno |

Claudine Grin | Claudine Grin Photography |


12 Kids Regretted after deciding to Cut Their Own Hair

Cute kid’s hair cut, when they had tried to cut their own hair.

HEPL.IN has compiled these hilarious pictures of what happens when kids cut their own hair shows. Kids always try to emulate the behaviors of the adults. Here are the examples.

  1. She cut her own hair and was asking the hairdresser for a fix.

kids hair cut


2. Here is Young bald guy



3. The genius who cut his own hair with scissors.

hair cut ggg


4. Young lad trimming his own hair.



5. Showing daddy about my expertise to cut my own hair.

funny-kids-haircut kbibkibk


6. The blunder I had created is unforgettable.

Kids hair cut


7. When I was cutting my hair I was enjoying with my newly gotten skill. But after looking at the mirror I was scared by my own look and started crying.

funny kids ckidbidb


8. I have reached my father’s age with in 10 mins.



9. The boy trimmed his eyebrows the epic one. Tried to cut rebuild the eyebrow with his own hair and glue. What a thinking!

funny-kids-haircut-fails eyebrow trim


10. I have done nothing.


11. Here I am want to be a pop star.



12. I am enjoying my newly gotten look.

funny-kids-haircut-fails-nmhgigvl ig




Giant panda knows how to pose for selfies with tourist

  • After cute photo-taking session Panda in China becomes social media star.
  • A female tourist took several selfies with her phone sitting next to the bear.
  • The bear tried to control the selfie stick and struck perfect poses.

A cute giant black-and-white panda living in south-west China’s Chengdu city,  has stolen the limelight of Chinese social media for its exceptional sense of photography. Pictures posted by, show that the eager animal even tried to grab the selfie stick at one point. Pandas are very cute fluffy and friendly animal.

A cute giant black-and-white panda living in south-west China's Chengdu city, has stolen the… Click To Tweet

The centre is a part of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, which has around 108 bears in captivity, the largest artificial breeding populations of pandas in the world.

Founded in 2011, the Dujiangyan Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is specialised in re-introducing the bears into the wild.


         Perfect posing with the black and white furry animal.

Panda was trying to grab the selfie stick from the woman.