Drink your favorite hoppy beverage while doing yoga, Beer yoga is the latest health craze

Now guzzle down a pint of ice-cold heavenly drink while caring your health.

Beer Yoga

If you fancy saying “Prost” instead of “Ommm”, this is the yoga class for you. Combining the current “mindfulness” craze with everyone’s favourite hoppy beverage.

Beer yoga 2

The concept is very simple and enjoyable: you take yoga and add beer, sometimes consumed during the practice, other times enjoyed afterward in a brewery where the classes are taught.

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The concept was originated in Germany and making their way to the world. Beer Yoga is the spin-off of the stress-relieving exercise has gone mainstream. The beer Yoga is a combination of  body-bending stretches of yoga and the palate-pleasing tastes of a good brew.

Beer Yoga 3

In USA some yoga teachers are imparting their beer yoga lesson in various un-usual places like breweries HuffingtonPost reported. It is slowly making inroads in USA.

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According to Germany’s BierYoga A.K.A Beer Yoga  “marriage of two great loves—beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for mind, body and soul,”  BierYoga started it’s journey in Germany and now spreading to Australia. Initially the classes were imparted on German language but, English has been added. The beer yoga classes are going to be a fun classes.

The founder of BierYoga is Jhula a yoga instructor who got the idea after watching people doing beer yoga at the Burning Man music festival according to Ex Berliner.

I don’t know how healthy this concept will be but it is certain that it will a good fun.





20 Weird Photos That You’ll Have To Look Twice To Understand

We at HEPL.IN gathered some weird photo that you need to take a closer look at — things are not what they appear to be at first look. These photos are most bewildering, yet fascinating.

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The young woman is not carrying the young boy.

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These are elbows not what you are thinking.




Istanbul is hit by Worst Snowstorm In Years but, this Man Opened His Shop To Stray Cats

Europe has been reeling from a deadly winter chill in the recent days. Istanbul is hit by the worst snowfall in recent years. Almost 65cm of snow falling in parts of the city overnight, and hundreds of flights cancelled and Normal life is paralysed.

The mercury levels is dipping low but the harsh treacherous weather has failed to deter the warmth of human kindness.

Since the extreme weather began, this shop in Turkey has opened its doors to animals who might otherwise have perished in the cold.

Cats-taking-refuge-in-store-in -istanbul

The man named Selçuk Bayal, who runs a small stationery store and cafe in Istanbul. He is a kind hearted animal lover. He often donates his time to help homeless animals living nearby.  But with the current harsh cold weather condition he decided to go even further — by transforming his business into a temporary refuge for nearly a dozen stray cats.

cats-taking-rests in-ISTANBUL

Dodo reported, Bayal said, “We are human, and these animals are entrusted to us by God. We are responsible for looking after them.”

The animal lovers appreciated his efforts. While few of his customers have criticized him. Loosing revenue had not deter him to send the cats away but, he has responded by placing a board in the shop saying: “Those who are bothered by cats, do not shop here!


Despite potentially losing some customers, helping to keep the cats cozy and fed through the harsh winter comes with its own rewards.

Cats in Istanbul 2

“They are grateful for any kind of help. The cats’ glances tell us that they are thankful,” says Bayal. “Our doors are open to all living creatures — hungry cats, dogs, and even people. It does not matter.”