Anti-Trump Rally getting stronger as tens of thousands Hit The Streets in NYC Hours Before Inauguration Day

All people are not happy about upcoming Trump administration the massive anti-trump rally proves that.

Thousands of people took to the streets of New York and Washington to express their displeasure with his coming administration. This proves that all people in the states are not happy with Trump as president.

Anti trump rally

Filmmaker Michael Moore and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke at the massive anti-Trump demonstration. Other high-profile figures, including actors Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin, Mark Ruffalo and Cher, joined throngs of individuals and families of all ages and ethnicities joining the protest.

Anti trump

Reuters reported de Blasio New York Mayor said that “Donald Trump may control Washington, but we control our destiny as Americans,”.  “We don’t fear the future. We think the future is bright, if the people’s voices are heard,” He added.

People are protesting against

Environmental advocacy group Greenpeace and liberal activist organization, as well as several local nonprofits organised the “We Stand United” rally.

On the event’s Facebook page the organisers said that they wanted “to stand united and send a message to President-elect Trump and Congress that New York will protect the rights of people and the environment.”

Protest against trum in

As the protest grew stronger the U.S. Department of Homeland Security turned Washington into a virtual fortress on Thursday ahead of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. About 28,000 security personnel, miles of fencing, roadblocks, street barricades and dump trucks laden with sand are part of the security cordon around 3 square miles (8 square km) of central Washington.

In Washington, a group made up of hundreds of protesters clashed with police clad in riot gear who used pepper spray against some of the crowd on Thursday night, according to footage on social media. The confrontation occurred outside the National Press Club building, where inside a so-called “DeploraBall” event was being held in support of Trump, the footage showed.


Huffingtonpost reported that Actress and Brooklyn native Rosie Perez challenged rally attendees to unite against “intimidation and bullying” spread by the incoming administration.

“Donald Trump is from this city,” Perez told the crowd. “He is a New Yorker, and yet he has spread a message across this country that is the opposite of who we are as New Yorkers.”

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges also attended the event. She told HuffPost on Thursday that Trump has “attacked our values” by targeting groups such as immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities and the LGBTQ community.

“My hope for this rally is that people begin to think of what our proactive agenda is for the next four years,” Hodges said. “I think organizing is one of the key things people need to do. Social media is very powerful, but it can’t be the only tool in your toolbox.”

On social networking site Twitter #WeStandUnited is going viral. As the protesters protesting online against President Trump.




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